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Bakers, please help. We've had a meltdown!!

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In an effort to offer a fun project for my one "well" kid today, I suggested chocolate chip cookies. (Sugar is a cure-all, right? :rolleyes:) Well, dd was having trouble waiting for the butter to soften, so I tried to speed things up by putting the sticks of butter in a warm oven. I intended to pull them out after a few minutes, but...well...you know how that goes.


So, now I have two nearly melted sticks of butter. Can we still use them in our cookie dough? Are our cookies doomed to mediocrity because I'm incapable of being sick and attentive at the same time?



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There are some recipes for chocolate chip cookies that call for melted butter. When you use melted butter, you won't be able to cream the sugar and butter together, which gives the cookies a lighter texture. With melted butter, you will get a more dense cookie.


Here is a good recipe that uses melted butter:




Good luck and send me some ;)

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Just wanted to pop in and tell you THANK YOU for saving the day on our cookies yesterday. The recipe was just the ticket, and the cookies turned out perfectly!



Hooray for Stacy!!!! happy032.gif






p.s. A butter related aside -- I realized, also too late, that the butter dd selected for me to melt (ha!) was salted rather than unsalted. So we omitted the salt from the recipe. Worked out fine.

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