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TV series (Netflix) for 6-10 yo boys?


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I'm thinking about MacGyver. Is that pretty wholesome? Not too scary? What are some of your favorites?


*Wind at my back*. The two main characters are boys in that age group. There are several seasons of this and the kids get older of course.

It's completely clean and my son 16yo still enjoyed it tremendously.

The background is the time of the Depression in Canada and all the struggles and funny happenings.


I think you may be able to find out more by going to the Sullivan website. They are the producers.

I am thinking its http://www.sullivan.com - if this does not work, google.


Very enjoyable series!

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I was totally going to say Land of the Lost! Big hit here. So much so that Dh was going out of his mind.


I think it was Sonic a couple of years ago that had animal sunglasses in their kids' meals? We got the lizard ones and my kids used them to pretend they were Sleetaks. My husband loaned our copies out to a friend of his and said friend never returned them. Boo. I need to buy the set again, the kids really loved them.


Did you know you can even find a Pakuni dictionary online? :rolleyes:


That is awesome! My kids will get such a kick out of that! Thanks!

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My 10yods has enjoyed The Jetsons, Gilligan's Island, Lois and Clark, Home Improvement, and MacGyver.


In the first season of MacGyver, he was "falling in love" with a different woman every week. They stopped that after about 8 episodes, though. It was really tiresome. After that, he kept things platonic with most of his guest performers. Ds loves to see what Mac can make out of nothing.

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