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from rod and staff to Abeka

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hi. my son age 15 was told by me that he could stop grammar after R&S7. he has almost completed R&S 7 and has asked to continue grammar . he doesn't want to continue R&S . we both decided to swap to Abeka. he would like to have a workbook style and is hoping for a little less bible type sentences. he wants to go straight to year 10 grammar book Grammar and Composition IV .

would this work? I rang up the Australian supplier of R&S and Abeka ( same person) and they weren't that helpful. basically said I could try and if it doesn't work out I could get the year 9 book.

any advice would be appreciated:bigear:

thank you

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I wouldn't think your ds would have any problem with G&C IV; we used Abeka all the way through. R&S is excellent, and I did try to switch to it years ago, but all my girls preferred the workbook style of Abeka. Abeka still have enough Bible-related sentences, but I don't know how that would compare to R&S. My girls didn't read the content of the sentences as much as just working through the book for its grammatical content.


Essentially, G&C IV is almost the same as G&C III (which would be the 9th grade book); in fact, the latter is actually a bit longer. The writing exercises under the Composition section differ slightly, though. If you're uncertain about whether or not to continue with G&C IV or switch to G&C III, I would recommend not writing in the book itself, because I'm not sure if they'd take it back then. Just keep it in really good condition! But, essentially I found the 9th and 10th grade Abeka grammar books to be very similar.



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