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Anyone here use Winston Grammar?

Jan Lyn

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I am wondering about a more hands on approach to grammar for my daughter whom is having difficulty and feel like Winston could be good for her. My problem is that I cannot afford to purchase both Basic and Advanced and she probably is nearing the need to go into Advanced soon. I was offered a used set of both, though without student books, but am uncertain the correct number of cards are contained in the sets.


Anyone like this program? Could I used the Teacher books and copy the sentences out myself--or have her do it for penmanship at the same time?


Anyone know the approximate number of cards that sounds correct? It seems about 50 of the little size cards and 2 sets of bigger cards 108 and some tricky cards...maybe 2? Does this sound like it contains cards for both? I know it's a crazy question!


Thanks for any information as we need to keep our costs down!

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I have only just started using the Basic one with my son, who has learning difficulties and I feel this might suit him well. So far so good.

I dont know about the cards....we haven't really needed them yet much. I am sure you could copy any cards if they were missing. Sounds like you have a bargain there, I would go for it.

Yes, you could copy the sentences from the TM.

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You'll be fine if the card set is not complete. Mostly the cards are used to lay out the sentence before doing the pencil work on the worksheet.


Yes, you can type or handwrite the sentences from the teacher's manual. You might not want your dd to do it though because it is the answer key afterall.


I gave my children the placement tests a couple of weeks ago. My dd placed in Basic and my ds placed in Advance. Now that we have actually started the materials, I'm backing my son up to the Basic level because I don't think he has a firm grasp on everything taught in that level. So you might be glad you have the Basic.

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Thanks so much Peela and Beth. I think I will give this a try and having the two levels would be good at any rate as my younger daughter would have full use of Basic as she is still young. Perhaps I could type out the sentences or use the white board for some of them and do them together even.


Much Appreciated!

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