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What do you think of my 8th grade plans?

Shelly in IL

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I am going to cross post this on the high school board, but please look and see if I am forgetting anything. Also, does it look preparatory enough (I am looking at putting him in private h.s. in 9th grade - not sure, but want to be prepared). Thanks...(it looks like alot, but we are currently doing about this much in 7th plus public speaking/debate).


Math - Finish Lial's Intro to Alg. and do Jacob's Geometry

Science - 2nd year of Rainbow Science (bio and earth)

History - Tapestry of Grace Dialectic

English - Rod and Staff Grade 8

Latin - Latin Prep 2

Spelling - Spelling Wisdom

Writing - ToG Writing Aids maybe something at co-op

Geography - ToG plus The Geography Coloring Book

Religion - at Co-op, plus reading at home

Handwriting - Italics

Literature - ToG

Art - at Co-op

piano lessons, boy scouts, tennis, cross country, altar serving

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Some days are longer, but we work 8:30 -12, then however long we need to in the afternoon. Most of the afternoon stuff is his homework and he does it independently, though.


7th Grade has been a great time for me. I started out very overwhelmed (see schedule above :001_smile:); however, he has really transformed into an independent learner (for the most part) this year. Maturity is a great thing!!


Now, if only I could get my 3rd grader to work with a smile and not a whine!!

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It's not that impressive. Really! He is accelerated in math, however. We just happened to get ahead in R&S, but I am using Apologia Biology as a Life Science course. I compared the Apologia Bio to BJU LIfe Science and there wasn't a whole lot of difference. I also didn't want to pay the $$ for the DVDs this year (plus they didn't match the newest edition of their text). Apologia had more cellular and genetic stuff (but not much!!), and BJU had some physiology that Apologia doesn't cover in the first bio. course. I plan to switch to BJU with DVDs next year using their Space and Earth Science course.


Where I am impressed with you is with the TOG thing. I SO want to be able to do this, but my kid does NOT like history at all. I love the whole integration/cross-curricular idea of TOG, but I just don't think it would work for mine. And, I don't think he could manage the dialectic discussions either! He is very mature in some areas of thinking but not all. Actually, I don't know if I would be smart enough to teach TOG! :D AND, I am impressed you can get all that done (especially with TOG in there) done in 4.5 hours! Of course you did say yours works on his own in the afternoon. So, I raise my teacup to you, sister! And, I will hope that my son experiences some growth in maturity next year.


ETA. I am really rambling here! Sorry!

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I was a non-believer at first. Really didn't care for it, because I didn't take the time to figure it out. 8 week fog, my eye!, it was more like a whole semester fog. Not sure we're completely out of it.


What helps me is that my son is an AVID reader - you know, reads the cereal box so he is not bored during breakfast, kid. Plus, he loves history and is an easy kid to teach/get to do work. I basically tell him what to go read and he does it. VERY helpful!


The part that has helped me so much is his ability to get math done independently - that saves me about an hour. We review, he watches the videos, then he does about 15 minutes, and then we switch to another subject - then he has homework. Also helps a TON to do English orally (for the most part - of course we write and diagram and such, but most of those ex. can be done orally!)


Good luck with the maturity thing. Giving him a schedule has really helped us. Gives him a checklist and makes him be responsible.

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