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Ds rear ended someone yesterday

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He had just pulled out of the mechanics getting something fix, paying $720. A minute later he rear ended someone.


He hit the hitch of a SUV.

Didn't look like he did anything to the SUV, but his car is pretty bad. Radiator is busted,the hood will NOT open, the bumper is messed up, and it will need painting, but the car still starts and drives, but not for long with out radiator fluid---ds drove into a parkng lot after the accident and the towing service started it and drove over to the truck.


The lady said she was fine, but as of right now the way ds feels,very sore, I am sure she will too.


The police officer did not give him a ticket, since he forgot his book(I believe he was off duty, he was in plain clothes).


Poor ds held it together until the police and the lady left, got in his car and broke down...all he could say to me was, "I need to go to work, I need to go to work!" He was thinking of how he was going to pay for the damage, get back and forth to work and school. We are going to help him with the deductible and take him to work and school...hopefully his car will be fixed this week.


He is so upset with himself! I keep telling him it will be ok. I am glad that it was minor and not a serious accident. I hope now he will be more cautious.

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Ouch, terrible timing. (not that there's ever a good time!) ....what was he driving? (Just cuz you mentioned so much damage to his car and next to nothing on her SUV) ....reminds me of my cousin - years back, he was gone downtown to get (oh you'll love this) brake parts (LOL) and was driving around with mainly his parking break as the thing to stop him...anyway, a lady in a big - I don't know what - BIG truck stopped suddenly in front of him...and yup, you can guess the result. Handbrake didn't cut it. Y'know what it did? Cracked a teeny piece of plastic on her rear bumper thing. TEENY. $100 for the replacement piece of plastic. Wanna know what it did to him? Practically demolished the front of his car. Why? Cuz he was driving a cardboard box. A Lada Signet.. Top it off, SHE worked at the Dept of MV and her dh was a cop. Anyone else and they may have just "handled it", y'know? But nope...lady insisted on calling the cops, formal report, yada yada. Cousin got a ticket for "driving without due care and attention" (he just said "I didn't realize she stopped" ....because "I have no brakes" wouldn't have gone over well!;) )


Moral of the story? I don't know. Brakes are kinda important? Durrrr. :tongue_smilie:



Very glad your son is okay (and the other lady) ...I'm assuming he didn't set out to ram her, so he needs to quit being so hard on himself and just recognize it for what it was - an accident. Car bits can be fixed, nobody got hurt (beyond the soreness), nothing to do but move on from here. :)

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Be prepared.


My daughter had a wreck last year and when they are under 21 there is another big issue to get prepared for - if the wreck was their fault your insurance rate will go up (ours went up significantly). She also did not get a ticket, but the wreck was her fault. Our agent said it was a standard rate increase because the wreck pushed our daughter into riskier category. The increase stays in effect for 3 years. I think this varies state to state - we live in Texas

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Honda Accord.


Yeap, he asked me if I knew how much his insurance was going to go up. I asked the insurance agent how much. It wont go up until renewal, but we don't know how much!! Hopefully he will have his car and laptop paid off. He will have a little bit more $$ in his pocket to pay for increase.

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Have you already reported it to your insurance? You'd have to if there was a police report, which it sounds like there was. Our ds lost control of the car (2005 Honda Civic) on a newly-oiled road (yes, they oil roads here in PA) and slid into the side of a hill. All would have been well - he was going going 30 mph - but the car hit a rock. Ugh....damage to the hood, radiator, grill, bumper. Since there were no other vehicles involved and ds was not hurt, he and dh fixed the car themselves and ds did not have to deal with increased insurance.



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