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My 2nd grade plans


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Please critique for me.


Phonics/Spelling - SWR

Handwriting - Cursive First

Math - Still debating between continuing MUS or switching to Ray's Arithmetic

Grammar - GWG or Easy Grammar

History - Usborne Encyclopedia of World History as spine, plus additional books from library

Geography - Trail Guide to US

Art - Draw Squad

Latin - SSL

Science - a la WTM with Usborne First Encyc. of Our World, More Mudpies to Magnets, Usborne First Encyc. of Space, and Spotter's Guide


Am I missing anything? I think we will get some classical music CDs from the library and listen to them in the background while we do art, etc.



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Looks good to me. Personally, I can't imagine using Ray's arithmetic. It's just not appealing to me at all (and my mom had the whole set, so I looked through them pretty closely). There are so many great math curricula out there... I find Ray's interesting as an artifact, but not as something to *use*.


For classical music appreciation, you might like the Vox Music Masters "The Story of _[insert composer's name here]_" CDs. They have biographical narration over and interspersed with music by the composer. They're a little dated (think old Disney nature documentary style), but my kids haven't minded, and they're a nice way to learn about the composer's life and music at the same time. They're also only $2-3 each at Amazon.


Or you could check your library for the Classical Kids series (Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery, etc). These are dramatized stories for kids that include biographical information about the composer and lots of excerpts of their music as well.


We also like the Classical Magic stuff (Themes to Remember, Classical Karaoke, etc). You learn "themes" from famous works along with just enough lyrics to remind you of the name of the piece and the composer.


Anyway, just some ideas of things we've enjoyed that help insert music history/appreciation in painlessly. We tend to listen in the car.


Otherwise... P.E.? Any dance or karate or gymnastics classes, or soccer team or something? :)

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