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Today I got doubled charged for a $90 order, cleaned the church, got bit by a dog...

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Mike's hard lemonade. It is the drink of choice of the WTM Hive, apparently. I use it as a metaphorical suggestion. :cheers2:


Guess I should have asked around my house.


I was reading your post, and said out loud "Mike's..." and dh finished "......Hard Lemonade."


I did ask him what type of drink it was, and he "Lemonade with a kick!"

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Yuck. Are you able to get the double charge sorted out?


I'd recommend a good long soak in the tub, but no bubble bath. It might sting the ... umm... dog bite region.


The good news: the owner of the company called me back and credited my Visa account immediately :D


The dog bite region is doing well; just feels like I got hit by a baseball bat now ;)


Thanks, Audrey!! :grouphug:

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