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scheduling your day

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I have 9 small children.I tried moth 6 of my kids can't read yet and I was spending a lot of time telling them what the schedule said and blanket time and alone time were always nightmares.thet cried the whole time.So how do you schedule everything into your day and keep order. With school do you block a time for each subject or just a block of time for school? House cleaning do you have a maid or how do you schedule that in?

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Oh wow, they are all so young. Your house must be full of love. I don't have that many. Do you have the extra money to hire a young homeschooling woman or man to come over and help out?


I used to do this for a family of two, so the parents could get work done (they worked from home). But, it could work well for you to get school work done and the helper could do some basic chores for you as well.


How about a picture schedule?

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I have 1/3 the number of children that you do, but . . . what worked when they were younger was this: I would assign the older to play with the younger so I could work with the middle.


In your case, I'd try something like this:


8:00-8:30: Hannah is responsible for Titus and Abigail; Sarah is responsible for Nehemiah and Gideon, and Rebekah and Josiah listen to an audio CD and play quietly while you go over all of Aaron's assignments with him. Aaron should spend the rest of the morning in a quiet place working on his own.


(Before you start this, you'll need to make clear to Hannah and Sarah that their goals are to keep the littles (1) safe, (2) quiet, and (3) happy in that order. Perhaps you could provide little activities for them to do. You'll need to explain to R. and J. that they are to listen and play quietly without interrupting you unless they are dying.)


8:30-9:00: You play actively with your littles while your 8, 7, and 6yos do school work they can do on their own (handwriting, etc.).


9:00-9:30: A variation of 8:00-30, except that now you are working one-on-one with Hannah.


I'd continue according to that fashion, where the olders are responsible for the youngers as you pull out one school-aged child at a time to work with him/her.


Good luck!

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