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Returning to homeschooling, part-time!

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A little over three years ago, I got diagnosed with cancer. With the (ahem) encouragement of my parents, I enrolled my kids in school. I expected that it would be a disaster.


It wasn't. The local public school was a fair short-term solution.


That winter I got a postcard about a new Core Knowledge charter school that would be opening up 2 miles away. Wow! I enrolled my kids. The older daughter did well there. They didn't have a gifted program, and the younger one was proving to be a little smartie. The public school had a Spanish immersion program that started in 2nd grade, so we put him there.


When the youngest daughter became school age, we put her in the local public school because we know the teacher and she is excellent.


Well, we are switching to dual enrollment for the older child on Monday. She's has some probable learning disabilities (remediated dyslexia, ADD, Asperger's, crazy oral grammar) that are making it hard for her to keep up with the other 5th graders. They do Saxon math at their school and it is not a good fit for her. I think she needs a mastery curriculum. She needs more practice with narration and dictation so she can develop writing skills. She needs easier spelling words and more time and review to practice them. Above all, she needs time to do this. It's useless to work with her after school, and she needs time with her friends.


So I will teach her math, spelling, writing (narration/dictation), and have her spend some time practicing oral reading and listening to audio books. I'll let the school keep doing Shurley English, "principle education," history, science, music, art, PE, along with potentially teaching her valuable lessons about getting along with others. I talked to her teacher today, and we are on the same page.


I'm excited about the change, and hope my daughter will do well with it!

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My children are in a Core Knowledge charter school in Utah, too. And I just brought my 6th grader home two weeks ago because a lot of his academic needs weren't being met. Surprisingly enough, the charter school is working well with us and letting him go to school only on Fridays (which is a half day) so he can see his friends, go to orchestra, and be there for lunch/recess. (Those are the four things he was so sad to miss when we decided to homeschool). They'll also let him join the class on field trips and for assemblies. Meanwhile, I'm teaching him M-Th using my own curriculum/some school materials.


I was sort of expecting an us against them type of situation when we approached the school, so I have been pleasantly surprised at the willingness to accommodate. Especially as he is only going for social reasons at this point! I felt a little crazy saying, Well, I don't want you to teach him anything, I just want him to get to come for the fun stuff!


Hope your plan continues to work well for your daughter! (I've heard great things about the Spanish immersion programs...).

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I'm a part time homeschooler as well. My kids go to public school in the morning and I pick them up after lunch/recess. Recess is their priority. They go to school to be with their friends and I teach them to give them more advanced academics. In the mornings while the kids are in school I teach science to TAG groups in our school district through a private enrichment academy. I was quite pleasantly surprised when our principal agreed to our schedule. In fact on days that the kids want to attend something special during part of the afternoon at school we often camp out in the math room which is not used in the afternoon and do our homeschooling there. I've got to be one of the only people who have ever homeschooled at school.


Its great to meet other part time homeschoolers!

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The oldest is home for 1 1/2 hours in the mornings to help her concentrate on her work and catch up. That is going very well. She's progressing in reading, spelling, narration and writing. She and I are very pleased.


My second son wants in on the fun too! So he is staying home in the mornings as well. He needs more of a challenge than school is giving him. Also, he needs some grammar and writing instruction as he isn't getting much at school (doesn't know what a paragraph is), even though his teacher is good as public school teachers go. He'll get a chance to follow his interests in science and history, and maybe we can even get started on Latin! He'll get to be with his friends in the afternoons, and he'll hit the specialty subjects there. Luckily for both of us his school is within walking distance.


So since the kindergartener is at home in the mornings, that means I'll have three kids learning at home in the mornings. Life is almost like it used to be! It's fun to be so involved with their educations again.

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