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Pencil Grips Lessons Learned


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We lost the pencil grip that was working in our last move, my daughter was doing fine for a while but penmanship has slipped lately, and I could not get her to hold the pencil correctly without a pencil grip to help.


I went to a local school supply store, they had only one tiny grip that I couldn't figure out how to use and my fingers wouldn't fit around it.


So, I ordered a set of 7 grips from Peterson Handwriting, not too expensive but shipping is, and also a few C.L.A.W. grips, same story, not too expensive but shipping is. The pack of 7 came, and the one that worked last time didn't work. I tried all but the little tiny one, the same one they had in the store. My daughter said she wanted to try it herself, it was bright pink, her favorite color. I read the instructions and tried to show her how to use it, my fingers did not fit. She insisted on trying it herself, it worked great for her little fingers, she said, "I love this one." After using it for a few minutes, she took it off and was drawing with a correct pencil grip!


So, I could have saved almost $20 in shipping if I had bought the local grip. I should have had them show me how to use it at the store. While they mostly have stuff for public schools that I'm not interested in at all, they have a few good things, and are very helpful if you have any questions. I shouldn't have assumed it was a bad grip just because it wasn't working for me.


I'll try to keep better track of these grips for when my son needs them, although we'll have at least one and maybe 2 or even 3 moves before he starts school. (We move to California this summer and will only be there a year.)


I am thankful it worked so well, but I'd feel a lot better if one of the other grips had been the one that worked!

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The stetro pencil grips are my favorite and what I have my children use.


They are usually around 50 cents each at my local supply store.




I've also used this one myself, but my kids aren't a fan.



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Based on someone's suggestion I purchased a mechanical pencil with a nice cushy grip on it. His problem may be inability to sense how hard he pushes. If you push too hard with this the lead snaps so there is an instant "consequence " .


It was also suggested that before giving the new mechanical pencil that I have him do this exercise. Get out a big sheet of paper, poster paint and a raw egg. Have him use the egg dipped in paint to write with just for fun. He'll quickly learn the importance of not gripping hard as a concept. THEN hand him the mechanical pencil.

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