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Took the boys skiing for the first time

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It's a rather grand field trip, yes? Actually it was son #1's Christmas present. After asking around, I found a small-scale inexpensive ski place (calls itself a resort, cough, cough) just a two hour drive away. It was perfect for first-timers.


The boys had a blast, and agreed it was the most fun thing they've ever done. I played nanny for a while, snapping some pictures of them getting used to their skis, then sat with a book, some mending I needed to get done, and a pair of earphones with a Teaching Company tape in the cafeteria area. Next time (and there will be a next time!) I'll strap on a pair of skis myself.


Someone here suggested instead of toys, to give "experiences" to older kids. I'm not sure who to thank, but it was yet another great idea I've received from the Hive. Thanks. :)


I should probably name names: Ski SnowStar in Andalusia, IL The beginner package was $38 per kid, and included ski rental and lift ticket for the beginner runs. The people who worked there couldn't have been nicer. Low-key, family-friendly, runs that would be totally unappealing to people used to mountains. :D

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We took our boys (11 and 5) skiing up north (in Michigan) for the first time last March. We've taken them again this year and they LOVE it! They've taken to it rather easily (much more easily than their mother! lol), and we now know we have a winter activity for all of us to participate in.


We like giving "experiences" to our boys, too, instead of toys all the time. They enjoy them, and we do, too.



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