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Trism users...what spine books do you use


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I am looking at using History Makers next year with my dc.


I see from past post that most use spine text.

I was wondering what text you use--please tell me what year.

Are text necessary?

Does it make it easier for the kids to do their research?



I am wondering if we will have to use the library a good bit, unless we have good spine texts.

It takes a LONG time to get books in from our library.

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We don't have a library to speak of, so we rely on our home library. My dd will be doing History Makers next year. I plan to use an assortment of world encyclopedias (Kingfisher, Parragon, etc.) the What Life was Like series (really love these) Oak Meadow 6 and 7 history and a couple of textbooks I have from freshman college Humanities (Gardiner maybe?) And then an assortment of biographies, histories and historical fiction that we have on the shelves to round out the reading. She will also be allowed to do some research on the internet.



I'll link a What Life was Like book. It seems the series has gone out of print. :glare: They really are very nice.



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