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My purse was stolen today. And as much as that stinks...

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I'm so thankful.


This is why:


1. I only had about $50 in it at the time. A lot of money, yes, but, I almost stopped before this happened to withdraw all my rent money for the month! So it could have been a lot worse!


2. It wasn't at gun point. Enough said about that.


3. It was easy enough to cancel our debit card and we didn't have any credit cards for them to steal. So only one phone call took care of it.


4. I had my cell phone in another place so I still have my phone.


5. I didn't have anything not worth losing in my purse. No pictures, no personal items, nothing that can't easily be replaced!


So, God is good. He protects and keeps us. I'm just grateful that it wasn't something traumatic.:001_smile:

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I'm so sorry. I had my wallet stolen once. At a church building. :001_huh: Not fun. Then, over the summer, when we had lost power for three days because of a storm, I left my wallet in a shopping cart at the local grocery store. Right after I finished freaking out, going back to the store to look, telling my husband, and canceling our cards, guess who pulled up into our driveway? The nice lady that found my wallet at the store. I was very encouraged, relieved, and thankful. But, to be completely honest, I wished she had turned it in at the store! Would've saved me a lot of hassle! :D

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