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WWE and upcoming workbooks...


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Hi Ladies, and any Gents:001_smile:,


I am new here, and am just amazed at this board. We are in our 2nd year of homeschooling, at the mid year mark of 3rd grade.

I am sure this has been already mentioned, yet couldn't find anything recent about the WWE workbooks. Can anyone tell me when workbook 4 is expected to publish? Also, any time frame with future volumes II and III? I am obviously looking ahead to future years. Any input would be great! Thanks!;)

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does anyone know about the other books??? wkbk 4 or other volumes of WWE?


This is what is says on the PHP site:


"Each workbooks will cover one grade. The first two workbooks will be published this summer and Workbook 3 will be published in mid-2009. The fourth workbook will probably be published shortly after that.


The second installment in the series, Writing with Skill, (publication date undetermined) will cover writing for grades 5–8 with workbooks for each grade. Eventually, all 12 grades (levels) will be covered."


Here is a thread that discusses WWE .


I think the short answer is that no one knows when the next volumes of WWE will come out. SWB has a lot of books to write, and since there are good options for the middle & high school years for writing, the next volumes of WWE are low on the list. At least that's how I understand it :001_smile:.


Welcome, BTW! This is a great place:001_smile:.

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