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Any art recommendations for grades 5-8? My dc love to do art projects. I'm running


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Have you looked at "Art Adventures at Home"? I just ordered this for my dc, so I can't give you any real feedback on it yet. It has a weekly lesson where it focuses on some aspect of art ie. color, lines, etc. and a project that goes with it. I don't know how to link yet, but you can look at it at Rainbow Resource.



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We love Atelier video program. GREAT activities!!! And my 4 children love it too.


Something else I just purchased to get a more indepth art appreciation study is: Harmony Fine Arts . In the curr. there are 3 different options to choose from. Option 3 uses Artisitc Pursuits. And as an added bonus, this includes music appreication as well.


I haven't began it yet (just recieved it on Th or Fri.), but it looks well laid out. Once we use it for a bit, I will post a review on my blog.


HTH's some~Tina


PS: At Harmony Fine Arts Blog, she has a Sketch Tuesday where she gives an assignment to that anyone (old and young) can participate in. You can use all types of media: pencils, crayons, markers, water color, etc. Check out my blog to see my dd assignment and where to go for more informaiton: Jetihoja Sketch Tuesday Assignment.

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out of ideas. It was SO easy when they were little to find fun art activities. Now all I seem to find aren't challenging enough. Any ideas?




I have been looking into Artistic pursuits.... I’m just trying to decide what book to start in ... I have an 11 year old and a 15 year old..... The directions seem to be clear and the projects worth our time....



Artistic pursuits art


The other bonus is its affordable and I can easily use what we have already....



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The book is called:


Discovering Great Artists




My friend uses it with her own ds 15, dd 8, dd6 and highly recommended it to me. Depending what you've already covered, this may be too young/easy for your kids. Have you looked into Artistic Pursuits?

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