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need help with kinder math


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my son (almost 6yr) is in kinder, but doing a lot of 1st gr. level math. We are going through the MCP math book, used Seton for kinder.


So the concept of addition came very easily. Just about any addition problem (digits 0-9) I give him he can figure out without too much problem. The +0, +1, +2, and the doubles (like 4+4, 3+3) he has memorized. But after a few weeks of practice, flash cards, etc. he doesn't seem to be improving or memorizing the other ones. I'm not worried but it's just that I think I just need some other method to help him. We've taken a break from the workbook for a while, just to solidfy the facts, but nothing seems to be taking.

Otherwise he has a great memory, reads really well and all that. I think if I could find a song or a poem, he would have them down in no time. He's very musical and auditory.


Anyone have any ideas?


I guess my other question is if I should just leave the addition for a while and go into something else...money, time, shapes... My only fear was that if I dropped the addition for too long he'd forget it and we'd be back at square one.


Any thoughts?

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My DD hated math facts. We tried flashcards, Calculadders, etc. and she simply hated it. Actually hate isn't the right word - she became very overwhelmed and would clam up, not able to add simple numbers that she could easily add in any other situation. It truly stressed her.


I completely stopped drilling all math facts, and I can promise you that she knows all of her addition and subtraction, plus most of her multiplication and division facts just from the daily math we do. She is very good at math, however, and this approach may not work for everyone. I just wanted to throw out there that IMO not every child must be drilled on facts. Maybe yours is one of them!




ETA: like another poster, we also used Cuisenaire rods, which I believe really helped DD to quickly learn her math facts.

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Ok, here's my $.02.


Your ds does need to know those math facts. BUT, the memorization of them is not a K skill. I recommend the idea you had of taking a break (a week, a month) and doing something else (like measurement or money).


I used MCP for K with dd and now we are doing R&S 1. She also did not know all the math facts at the end of MCP K. R&S 1 is awfully easy in the beginning after MCP, but it is teaching her the math facts. It also includes speed drills which are a good challenge. I'm trying to make it a "can you beat your best score" kind of thing to motivate.



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IMO, go ahead and move on to other topics. However, at the same time, you can play lots of some mathy games, like Countdown, Parcheesi, Allowance Game and/or even a computer game like Aladdin's Math Quest.


My dd 5.5 is doing Singapore 1A right now -- we are taking our time and playing lots of games as we progress. She loves playing the games I mentioned above, as well as with Cuisenaire Rods and Tangrams. I have a set of Addition and Subtraction cards that she uses with the rods. She's really learning her math facts without realizing she's "playing math".:)

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thank you for all the responses.


I should add, though, that my son is not getting frustrated really at all. He still loves it and loves figuring out the problems, it's just that he's not committing the answers to memory like he did at the beginning. At the beginning he memorized a lot really quickly, and now, +3 and up it's like a blank. He is getting a little tired of flashcards, no matter how fun I make them. He just needs a change I think.


I think what I'll do is find a fun game or computer thing to have him do every day, on his own, but our formal math work will be with another skill.


Anyone know of a website that has a free addition facts game...not sure if I can spend the money on one.

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