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After Lively Latin 2? I can't find the thread with this recommendation....

Shasta Mom

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There will definitely be some review -- quite a bit in LP1, less in LP2, and LP3 should be entirely new material -- but with a younger student (I see your son is only 9), I think that could only be a benefit. You will encounter new vocabulary, new explanations, and lots and lots of practice.


With LL2 *solidly* under your belt, I wouldn't do the workbooks for LP1, I'd just go through it as quickly as comfortable for your student. But I wouldn't skip anything. I would expect LP1 to go fairly quickly and LP2 to be relatively smooth as well. But I think there will be plenty of new information and new uses for old information to keep even a very bright young student challenged and engaged.


If your student were older -- 12 or 13, say -- I'd look at high school programs instead. But for a younger student, I would simply move on to LP1-3 and do them at whatever speed is comfortable.

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I'm attracted to Latin Prep, but would that be redundant?

Based on the five lessons of LL2 that have been released so far, much of the material in the first Latin Prep book will be review, though occasionally a bit deeper. LP has more exercises (especially those translating English to Latin). The vocabulary learned in Lively Latin will help the student move through Latin Prep more quickly; but even if you don't get a full year out of it, I'd still recommend doing it so the student is eased into the rigor of the program.


I'd recommend following a similar flashcard system to LL in LP; it's a good way to learn new vocab.

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