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Urgent prayer request

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Hi, my 10yob is having respiratory distress... He has ashtma and has had a cold/cough for 10 days, nebulizers every 4-6 hrs round the clock and it's worse - we're on our way to ER to help him breathe. I'll update later, could you be praying for us - and for little Joseph??




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We are back from the hospital. I took him first to the Dr. He had been having nebulizers, as well as his routine asthma meds, but with the virus and him playing football at recess (I hadn't been told about that!), he went into a very bad attach. When we got to the Dr., the Dr. tried a nebulizer and oxygen, tried to get him breathing calmer, but when he (Joseph) would slow down his panting for air, his eyes would roll and he'd lose oxygen very fast... so the Dr. is standing there snapping his fingers above Joseph's eyes and saying, "Joseph, stay with me... Joseph, stay with me now." My stomach flips, every emotion in me jumps. And here's the receptionist with a clip-board asking me to fill out a form... Yeah, it could have been written in any other language, I couldn't tell what to write where....


So, the Dr. called for an ambulance to get him to a hospital. The emt's had him hooked up with all sorts of stuff and oxygen, etc. and it is just a really wierd feeling, no words for how it feels to drive out of the parking lot watching the ambulance drive off with sirens and lights, knowing they are trying to get your son stable.


Joseph did very well at the hospital. His lungs responded well. He cried over the I.V. in the top of his had (couldn't find a vein to use in the arm). Ugh. Another moment my heart is ripped. He just laid and cried and asked me to get him home!


He is resting well. I have a 9 day plan medicine regimen with multiple meds and I wrote it all out so that I don't have to stop and think each day - or even different times of the day...


Thanks for the prayer support. It was a day.



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