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Book suggestions for my ds8 who loves space

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Branley, Franklyn Mansfield


Fabulous author for early elementary space.


According to http://www.s9.com/Biography/Branley-Franklyn-Mansfield

1915 - Franklyn Mansfield Branley was born in New Rochelle, New York.


1936-1954 - He taught school, one of the first teachers to teach science to elementary school children.


1942 - He received his teaching license from New Patlz Normal School and his BA from New York University.


1948-1957 - He received his MA and Ed.D. from Columbia University.


1954-1956 - He was a science professor at the Jersey State Teachers College.


- His work at American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium sparked his interest in astronomy and space exploration.


- He wrote over 140 science books for children and received numerous awards for these books.


1970 - He was named New Jersey's Children's Book Writer of the year.


2002 - He died this year.

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Seymour Simon has some great astronomy books -- on the solar system, the Sun, each planet, etc. The right amount of text for mid-elementary interest, either as a read or read aloud, and the photographs are gorgeous.


The Let's Read and Find Out is simpler, but excellent -- with solid, accurate info. The style is more drawing than photos and they really make everything very clear. There are quite a few astronomy titles. Many written by Franklyn Branley. Gail Gibbons is anothe rnice author for this level.


Magic School Bus -- you could always start with the videos. MSB chapter book #4 is Space Explorers.


We also like The Space Atlas (Couper) & the DK Visual Dictionary of the Universe for detailed diagrams.


IMO, You Wouldn't Want to be on Apollo 13 would be perfect. The whole You Wouldn't Want series was designed to interest kids who didn't like history -- lots of fun. We also enjoyed a Scholastic chapter book bio of Neil Armstrong (Peter Roop) -- about 60 pages -- fine as a read aloud.


I would also check out websites -- NASA has a LOT -- the info is extensive and up to date, plus there are games for kids. the SOHO website posts current pictures of the Sun on its website.


Books that sound great, but I haven't seen (yet) are 11 Planets (Aguilar) and books by Jacqueline Milton.

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He is still learning to read so these will need to be books that I can read to him. I'm having a terrible time getting him to narrate so I thought if I could find a book that really peaks his interest it will help him with narration.


Buzz Aldrin's book from the pov of an astronaut is nice. It's a picture book so could be either read-aloud or read by dc. He relates how his interests and activities through his life tied in to his experience as one of the early astronauts -- it was fascinating and well done. "Reaching for the Moon"

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My dd loves the Kingfisher Young Knowledge series, and I know they have a book on space. It's from a secular point of view, if that matters, but there are tons of pictures, diagrams, etc. You'd want to practice narrating a pair of pages at a time, though . . .



Mama Anna

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One of them is To Space and Back that gives great information on what it is like to actually live in space - there is both good science and cool trivia in here that kids love.


The other is on the the planets(9 planets but is still wonderful) - its called Exploring our Solar System. It compares the planets and includes real photos and artist renditions. It explains what each is made of and what they have in common and what is different about them. . It also has information on all of the space flights.

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