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Getting Ready to Start History Odyssey and coming back to WTM


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Does anyone using it have any advice for me?


We will be using HO Ancients Level 2 as is with Blossom. Buttercup and Bubbles will follow along using WTM '99 recommendations and History Pockets. I am also looking at adding in Sonlight Core 1 stuff, if we have the extra money or can get it from the library.


We tried three years ago with SOTW, and it just didn't work well for us. Blossom was coming out of parochial school and transitioning and really wanted to do straight American History, and Buttercup was completely uninterested, so I sold it. I am thinking that even though WTM wasn't a great fit for us that year, three years later we are finally able to make it work for us.


Any advice from current HO users would be fabulous.



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We just started Ancients Level 2 a few weeks ago. My kids happen to like the History Pockets even the oldest guy. It is a nice break away from reading and outlining. My 4th graders are not doing the Level 2, but they are doing the History Packets. Only the 7th and 9th grader are doing level 2.


I have learned that I need to have all the books. I end up spending more on fines at the library when I try to use library books for school. I requested Theras and Our Town. Apparently it was in the system, but it never came. Maybe it was lost. I don't know. Just know yourself, and decide what would work the best for you.



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