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Sell me on TT

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What do you LOVE about it?

What do you dislike about it?

How much time does it take? Do you have to hover over their shoulder? Can you use it with more than 1 child? (will i be able to reuse it with 3 other DC?)

Is is like a traditional math course? by traditional I mean one that would be used in public school, etc. I am assuming that it isn't like RS or MUS, but if it is, I'd like to know. i imagine it's a little along the lines of Saxon, but I could be VERY wrong there.

Mostly I'm considering it for next year--my dd would test somewhere between grade 4 and grade 5--she's just about finished with RS C.

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More traditional like Saxon, yes. It is interactive in that they have a teacher that goes over each lesson on a "notepad" and the practice sessions. Then they can go and do the lesson on their own from the book. Afterwards, the student can put in the answer CD and check their work, seeing if and how they made any errors. Very helpful for those that have advanced students doing work that mom is unfamiliar with.

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The TT elementary programs were not available when I was first making curriculum choices. My personal thought is that I would not chose to spend that much money on an elementary math program. There are other good programs that are more cost effective than TT for the elementary years. That being said, how much you spend is a personal decision. Some folks might not have any trouble spending that much.


As for the program itself, I have only used TT on the high school level. Even though the high school level is set up differently, I would still highly recommend that a parent stay on top of the math work that is being done everyday. It is easier to detach yourself when the computer is being the teacher.



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I have TT7. My son is doing great with it. I watch the lesson and sit with him now...but that is just because he needs the one on one or he gets lost looking around.


The program is wonderful in my opinion. I like the simple lessons. They explain it very clear.


We only use the DVD and never really pull out the book unless we need review. I find there is enough review to retain the math as we move on.


The gradebook is great as all your grades are listed. You can have your child work alone with no problems. If you want, you can go into the grade book and see if your child viewed the solution on problems they missed. I like that. I realized when my son was doing bad...he never viewed the solutions. ONce he did ...he started doing better. All the solutions are in the program. That is the best part. I know I hit a few problems that I didnt understand and watching the solution taught us both (Its been a long time since Ive done some of this math...lol:))


I dont like that you cant go back and redo work that you have done already...unless you uninstall it. You would have to redo any work with the textbook.


You can reuse it as many times as you like. That is a true money saver. You just uninstall and reinstall. The website says you can do that as many times as you like. And you can resell it.

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What sold me is my dd was using the trial on there website to see if she would like it and she did not want to stop!! This have never happened with math so we are ordering tt5 this week and my dd can't wait.I want to start to get her to work more independently and I think this will help.

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