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What do you do with family pictures?

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Hi Fellow WTMers,


I was wondering what you all do with your family pictures. I was considering creating a blog with family photos for long distance relatives to be updated and included in our family stuff--but I don't like the idea because blogs are public. So many of my relatives are far away...including my parents and everyone (for the most part) is computer savy, so I'm sure someone out there has a cool suggestion. Now, I do send photos in the mail on the holidays and school pics when they arrive...but the fun stuff and updates stay with me or inside my digital camera.




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Guest janainaz

I make slideshows on Moviemaker and include video clips. It's been a couple of years since I've made any (I'm so behind), but it's the best way to show your pictures and watching them to music is so much more fun. I usually make the slideshows with transitions and titles, etc., but I have so many pictures that I'm just going to start simplifying what I have to get it done! It is really fun (for me that is!). :001_smile:

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