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What do you recommend for a Writing program for grades 5-8?


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It needs to be user friendly and FUN for the children. They hate it as bad as I hate trying to teach it to them! So, we need something REALLY good!


Your suggestions for a desperate homeschool mom are appreciated!





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Ds has worked through SWI-B and has just started SICC-B. If you purchase these, "you" won't be doing much of the instructing, Andrew Pudewa will. I find this program very straight forward. My ds is not really a reluctant writer, but he does enjoy it. A grading rubric is provided for each assignment so as long as all the items are present, the assignment is complete. The checklists which go along with each assignment remove a lot of subjectivity from grading writing which often caused friction in our home school.



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Try Writing Tales. We love it here.


My 7th grader takes an online class: Home2Teach. I love that they do all the instructing, correcting, lesson planning, etc. They work wonderfully with my dd and really help to guide her in her writing.


Another suggestion is Writing Trails. I haven't used them myself, but have thought about it. They have many different subjects/topics for a lot of different grade levels.



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