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Fish Oil Question

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I've been reading a bit about fish oil, and it seems that my whole family should be taking it....I have a 6 yr old non-pill-swollower, and I'm wondering if fish oil could be baked into a muffin or something or if there are any yummy varieties? Yummy liquid fish oil???? Not likely, but if someone could point me to it, it would be The Hive Ladies!:D




Melissa in St Louis

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My girls take Nordic Naturals. Here's a link to vitacost which is the cheapest place I've seen it. http://www.vitacost.com/Nordic-Naturals-Childrens-DHA





:iagree: I second the Nordic Naturals. I buy the liquid and can vouch that it has a pleasant lemon taste. I recently switched my dc to this, from just plain 'ole cod liver oil and they have been very appreciative. :D Carson's is another brand that makes a lemon flavored liquid.

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So........have you noticed any "changes" in your kiddos after they started taking the fish oil?

DD has been much better. Not every school session ends up in a screaming match, and she seems to have more energy. I put her on vitamin D at the same time though.


I put DH on both as well. Big difference, like he is on an antidepressant. It is lovely.

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We also use the Nordic Naturals liquid, often mixed with juice (the kids call it "potion"). My friend uses the Nordic Naturals capsules; her kids just chew them up. :)


I don't notice a huge change, but I do notice a big (negative) change when I forget to give it to the dc for a while.


Oh, and I take it myself. I notice that I have less "brain fog" when I take it, and it keeps my eyes from getting dry (I'm a contact lens wearer).

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sorry, I'm skimming.....I saw lots of people mention the liquid, so if someone mentioned this, I might be repeating. But our kids take the chewable capsules of it. They do the Carlson chewables, and dh and I take the Carlson super capsules of it. I don't even want to try messing around with giving them spoonfuls of oil - flavored or not :tongue_smilie:

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