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MegaWords...I just don't get it.

Melissa in CA

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I am embarrassed to ask this, but can someone please explain to me how YOU use Megawords? I recently purchased it for my son and frankly, I am clueless on how to approach this. I do not understand what I am supposed to do each day. :confused: At this point, I have just been handing it to my son and he does what he can figure out. I am sure that is NOT what I am supposed to be doing, but what in the world AM I supposed to be doing??? :001_huh: I'm just not getting it.


Why is it I can totally understand TOG and find it extremely easy to use....but am struggling with a simple workbook? Yeesh!

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Student workbook and teacher's manual. I have them do a page a day. I dictate when required and then I give them the test at the end of the list - I just choose 10 words from the list (usually include some harder ones).


There are pre-tests for every book - but I skipped those.


Generally, I can tell how well the child is understanding the concepts/spelling/syllabic rules by how he is reacting to the dictation (is he confident? is he sounding out each syllable?).


We are on 3 and 4 (both kids use it) and I've seen great improvement and a big increase in confidence in my struggling speller and my natural speller tolerates it.



K (BIG FAN of MegaWords)

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