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Good to see you. How is your son's recovery?


He is doing very well, but it is going to be a long time before he can go back to doing his normal routine--it takes a year for the bone to fuse, and he will be restricted until then.


He fell down a couple of days ago. He dropped something and forgot not to bend over--kind of an "automatic pilot" mistake. He ended up sinking down on one knee and rolled over onto his back. I had NO IDEA how to get him up off the floor without bending his back or neck!! I called the nurse's station at Shriners, and they were able to talk us through it. LOL! I now know how to get a 6'1" kid off the floor by bending him only at the hips.


I'm not sure that was an education I wanted. :001_huh: He's been a bit more sore since then :sad:, but that is no doubt because he stretched the muscles that were cut and stretched during the operation.


Thanks everyone!

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