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Your prayers would be appreciated (and I warn you, there is a bit of whining too)

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So, Schmooey and I went to the doctor yesterday and he has the flu - confirmed with the nose test and everything. Poor little guy. He's pretty miserable with a fever and lots of phlegm. He has gagged and yakked up on me twice now with Target-brand ibuprofen, but we've managed to keep down Infant's Tylenol and actual name-brand Infant's Motrin tonight, thankfully.


I have no idea where he got it - Emma has it too, and I do, and dh has a teeny bit - Abbie is the only one still healthy at this point. We are all on Tamiflu, except Schmooey, who is too little. Truly, he's not too bad - I know it could be a lot worse. He's still nursing fine, and although he coughs and sneezes quite a bit, he can still breathe. I'm so thankful for that. And, he doesn't throw up except when his mean mama tries to make him take medicine he doesn't like. He froths at the mouth and everything.


OK, now the whine. I was supposed to go see my sister in WI next week, and the new twins. They're going to be baptized next weekend. We were going to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday all together - even my brother and his wife, who can be a little snarky about family things, were going to come. And now I can't go.


My sister wants me to come so much, she asked if I would stay in a hotel and leave Schmooey with my parents for short times so I could come and see her. I told her I would do whatever she wants me to do, but I don't see how exposing my parents to the flu (my dad will most certainly get it) and then having them come over to see the babies was going to be productive. I mean, are we all going to have sanitized clothing and shower before coming to her house? How are we really going to keep from spreading the germs?


I am really, really, REALLY bummed about not being able to go. I was sad that I couldn't take the girlies, because they would love to see their cousins, and now I'm just heartbroken because I don't get to go play Favorite Aunt Beth and see my 3 nieces and 1 nephew and my other nephew, Christopher, whom I have not seen since he was 5 months old. I live so far away from my family, I miss them so much, I wanted to see them quite desperately.


Anyhoo, that's really all. If you would pray for my tiny boy to get better quickly and not have complications, I would really appreciate it. Thanks ladies.

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They both feel like it's best if we don't come. My sister and her family have all been vaccinated, except for the newborn twins. The twins are the main concern. Apparently, children can spread germs from the flu for up to 7 days after they don't show any symptoms, so that's the main reason.


I am supposed to go a week from Friday. I haven't canceled my ticket yet, but I've talked with both my mom and my sister, and my sister asked her pediatrician about it and researched it and all, and we all agree it's best not to risk it.


If for some reason he's symptom-free by Friday, I think we could revisit it. I don't anticipate that though. I think we're just getting started. But, we'll see.


Trust me, if I can find any way to go, I will! It will just depend on that sweet boy of mine.

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