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Do you keep track of what your children read using an online booklist?

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I've recently discovered several cool online booklist tools. I'm thinking of tracking what my kids read and/or what we plan to read using one of the booklist tools, i.e. shelfari, librarything, etc.


What online tool do you use? How do you track your books? What do you like about the online site you use?

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We just use a spreadsheet for our family. Every year, dh starts a new one and we're responsible for adding the books when we are finished. It includes title, author, fiction or nonfiction designation, number of pages, and month finished. Each family member has his own tab.


We've done this for years and it's really helpful to have these lists.


I didn't know there were online options for this but I kind of like the way we do it...dh can do lots of neat stuff with the spreadsheet and we love seeing our totals.

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I keep a list of the books my son reads in my homeschooling file for the year. I'm sure I miss a few, but I like to include the list in his portfolio and do try to catch them all.


Also, my daughter convinced us to join GoodReads.com last year. So, we've all been logging our reading there. I like this one because you can designate certain people as friends and then get updates whenever they add new books to their profiles. So, we're all friends with each other, and we've also befriended my son's buddy and his mom. It's just kind of cool to feel connected.

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