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I watched Dr. V's first Odyssey lecture last night...

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I am really going to like her. She's knows her Greek, that is for sure.


I started reading The Odyssey about a week ago (Homer virgin here:)) and I just love it. Dr. V will help make sense of it, which is great for myself and ds who will read it and watch the lectures in the Fall.


Anyway, just a shameless plug for Dr. Elizabeth Vandiver. Thank you to all who recommended this from TTC.


I guess I'm doing it backwards. I read/watch The Iliad next month.

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I'm proud of you Beth. What a great teacher to your kids you are!!!


I found the Odyssey easier to read. We listened to Dr. V in the car back and forth to town. My youngers phased in and out but the high schooler and I found it helpful.


Press on you dedicated mom, you! It is not easy to keep up, is it? Have a great day.

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I agree with Beth these tapes are terrrific. I used both The Odyssey and The Iliad to prepare for the literature class I teach. Right now I am listening to her tapes on Greek Tragedy. Dr V. is entertaining and very informative. I'm so blessed that our library has these available.


Beth-I have 7 high schoolers in my class, and they all agreed that The Odyssey is much easier to read, so although you are going backwards chronologically, it might be a good way to approach Homer.

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Help! Who are you talking about and where can I find this? You mentioned TTC. Is that Teaching The Classics? I looked there but didn't see it.... although they too have some interesting dvds to consider!




TTC is shorthand for The Teaching Company.



I highly recommend these resources! :)

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What a coincidence! I just started doing the same thing only with the Illiad! I have the Odyssey lectures as well, and do plan to work through them after. She is fabulous, and I'm really enjoying the book. Are you reading the Lattimore or the Fagels version? I chickened out and got the Fagels! I do plan to read it a few times, so I thought that I'd start with that translation and next time go with the Lattimore.



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