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Teaching Company DVD's - anyone used these as a spine?

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I didn't but I know somebody that did. She highly recommends using TC as a spine. HOwever she said that if you are a Christian who believes in young earth and creationist viewpoint of humans then you will need to supplement with other readings. She also said that she utulized Answers in Genesis stuff along with the Biology dvd (of Teaching Company). She is well pleased that they did it this way.



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Hi Suzikw,

With all the courses I have purchased, I have received a small book containing outlines of the lectures and suggested review or extension questions. Some of the courses have a suggested text that the lecturer recommends, but of course you don't have to use it to benefit from the lectures. Most courses have a separate transcript available for purchase; I assume that would be a written copy of the lecture rather than an outline. (I have never purchased a transcript, so I don't know for sure.) As far as I know, none of the resources include tests. I always purchase DVD lectures, unless I get something for my husband to listen to in the car, because I need something to look at while listening, or I might as well not even bother. I have been very pleased with the Teaching Company products I have purchased - mostly history related. I am thinking about getting economics for ds's senior year, as well as human anatomy.

Hope this helps,



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