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recommendation for teaching The Giver


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All I know about The Giver is what I've read in Deconstructing Penguins. I think that would be worth looking at if your library has it. One of the things I remember is that the authors ask their book groups if Lowry plays fair...is the world she creates consistent with its own rules. It was an interesting read.

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Hate to be negative, but I read that book this year, and although it is very well written I am not ready to discuss it in a group of kids.


It is very harrowing on several levels, and between the infanticide, the suicide, the lying, and the 'stirrings,' I decided that this was one that I didn't want to assign or consider as school work.


YMMV, and maybe I will change my mind when DD is a little older. She's pretty mature, though, and was about 11 1/2 when I decided this. We do talk about adult themes, and I rarely decide against a well written book--this is only the second time I have ever done so.


I think that the way that this book makes evil plausible and defensible is evidence of the author's skill, but I don't want to go there with DD just now, and definately not in our literature group.


BTW, our group just read and discussed "Number the Stars" by the same author. Now THAT was a great book to study and discuss. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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