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Have any of you bought TT used?

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No, I have bought all of mine new, but that seems to be because I have purchased them the year they become available, so there was no choice to get them used!


However, I've sold all of my sets with no complaints. My dd is using the Trig/PreCalc this year. If you need it for next year, PM me. She'll be finished with it and I'd love for you to have it.

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Arrg! NEW, I've bought them NEW, not used! Sorry for the goof.
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I sold mine with no problem. I make sure to keep them in the case and scratch free. My only problem...I ended up needing it again and had to repurchase...Duhhh.


The resale was very high on my TT. I think it is worth purchasing new as you can sell it for a little less then your purchase price.

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I sold my TT prealgebra and have had no complaints.


I bought her TT and love it but more importantly my son who struggles with math loves it. No regrets and would do it again.


I also got Video text used. The first dvd had a problem but the company will sell me just that dvd for $12.

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I sold most of mine on Vegsource, but a gal from our co-op bought my Geometry in Aug. It is finally 'known' enough that people around here are actively looking for it.


I was going to give my algebra 2 set away to a gal in our church, but she forgot she asked for mine and purchased her own set.....so I sold mine.


I've never advertised TT on these boards as most of the posters seem to think it isn't 'rigorous', so I didn't think anyone here would be interested.

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I bought TT alg2 used from these boards with no problem. However, I purchased it from a long time poster that I had a good feeling about. I would be hesitant to purchase discs from an absolute stranger.


Okay, we are all really strangers here, aren't we? But I meant a stranger as in someone you had never even corresponded with on a message board.


Actually you and I are not strangers, are we? I think we qualify as not strangers since we have met twice!!


Ack. I am rambling.


Anyway, I just wanted to say that yes, I have purchased it used with no problems!!!

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No, I would not consider you a stranger at all! (Ya'll we live about an hour from each other. Said with my best southern drawl....)


(Did you get a lot of snow and ice??)







We dodged the bullet this time. You know we don't get much ice and snow. We only seem to attract tornadoes round these here parts!!!

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