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Am a crazy or are the posts...

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on the k-8 board usually run together in topic. Like if one asks about history one day it seems as if tons ask about history that day and so on with other subjects. Also I have noticed this with actual types of curriculum. Say Right start for example if it is brought up then there seems to be at least 5 or more separate posts about it.


Don't mind me I am just bored this morning and starting to think I was crazy. :confused:Am I?:D

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Sure, people start thinking about a topic and posting about it.


Also people may search for a topic, and post in multiple threads, the resurrect old threads and get old topics/threads going again.


This is especially true about a certain curriculum. Someone will search for Right Start and then post in old threads about it. They can bring back to life old threads that were from a year ago. This will get people reading and answering questions about it, and keeping those threads on top again.

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