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Coming to the Southeast---the St. Olaf Choir!

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I kept forgetting to post this, but I knew that the annual St. Olaf Choir tour was coming soon. I just checked their website today, and here is the link for their choir tour, which begins on January 31st in Nashville, TN and, after touring through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama, returns to Knoxville on February 13th before returning back to Minnesota. It looks like Huntsville, Alabama is already sold out, but there is a waiting list.


If you live in any of these states, or close by, I think you would find this choral experience to be well worth your time and money!


And, considering the winter blast we're going through now, you can't blame them for wanting to tour the Southeast, can you? :D

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Nor are we. Sigh...

Me neither, although I was very fortunate to see them a few years ago when they came to St. Louis! When I was in high school, our choir director had gone to St. Olaf and sung with their choir (under Kenneth Jennings), and toured Europe, so I've always felt a special bond towards the school. (It must be the Norwegian in me! :D)


Don't despair, however! For those of you unable to attend, you can access this page on the St. Olaf website; on the right-hand side you will see a number of audio samples to which you can listen. In the center of the page there's a link to an interview with Dr. Armstrong, which you might find interesting. At the concert we went to, I was as impressed with the quality of character that I perceived in Dr. Armstrong while he spoke as I was with the choir itself.



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