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How do we sell an RV long distance? RV is in Oregon.

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My MIL died in early October. She had a small RV that she was planning on using to visit us and my SIL's family in Massachusetts. Obviously that isn't going to happen, but we need to figure out how to sell the thing. Any ideas on how to go about selling an RV long distance?


The person who helped close out her house and deal with that kind of stuff locally has had her husband diagnosed with leukemia recently so she can't help right now. The RV is sitting in her yard, but she isn't up to doing anything with it.


If we can't figure out how to sell it, the idea is then to donate it to some charity and just let them have it. Do you know how to do that long distance either?


Thank you for any ideas or advice... and if you are near Newport, OR and are interested in an RV. I happen to know where you could get one.


Jenne in CA

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You could try RV Trader or one of those magazines... Craigslist, Ebay, maybe RV.net. RV.net has forums like this one, and one of them is a buy/sell, IIRC. But you could also get advice there on selling. The trick is getting a good photo or two, and a list of amenities for the ad. If the person helping with the estate can do that little bit for you, you could probably make the whole thing happen remotely.


ETA: It doesn't happen to sleep 7 people, does it? You said it was small...

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