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Rainbow Science - anyone use this?

Tami in CA

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We started at the school year. Science has been such a breeze this year - it actually gets done, and it is meaty.


Sample week -

day 1 read section - take notes and answer questions

day 2 read section take notes and answer questions

day 3 do related lab answer questions


It has involved little input from me - just some guidance if there is a missed question, etc. The labs are awesome, and he does them himself.


We have covered physics in the first semester, now we are in chemistry. Year 2 (in the same book) covers biology and earth sciences, with the main focus on bio.


If you have any specific questions, you can pm me. We have been thrilled - well worth that expensive price tag.

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My daughter did this last year and I believe it was a decent curriculum. It was a tough year for us ( I was away almost a month picking up our youngest).

She did this fairly independently and really only had trouble with the chemistry. The textbook is not wordy and I think it would work well with a child who dreaded long lessons. I would definitely consider using it again. Angela

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We did Apologia General Science for 6th grade science. It was so much of a workload for both of us. This is 3 pages per lesson, but it crams alot of info in with real application problems after the reading. So, it sees if the child can apply the information. We can review while we check his answers, and I do have him outline/take notes from his readings.


The lab kit is extensive. It literally has everything you need to get the labs done. This was huge for me, because with other programs, I consistently missed labs due to missing items. The labs are thorough and have questions/answers to do after them.


As I am getting older in this homeschool process, I am seeing the benefits of keeping things meaty, yet simple. I have a bright 7th grader, and even though he can handle a much more labor intensive program, this is very thorough and provides all the "pegs" that additional info. will hang on later. At 7th, in my opinion, a very thorough introduction (with notes/labs/application questions) is a solid way to introduce the higher sciences.

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