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Learnables - Spanish - anyone use this?

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I used Level one with my elementary/middle school kids. It's not a high school level program IMO. I think you'd be much better off using a public school text or perhaps Breaking the Spanish Barrier along w/ Learnables.



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IMHO, this would be something to take in the car or add on. I'd say it's more primary school or middle school level.


The sets I have are very passive ie the student doesn't have to say anything. For a language it is important to get the student speaking, which is one of the amazing things about the new computer based programs that have the student speak and grade their speech.




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. . . my son is not high school age yet. He's liking it and is definitely learning, but, as others have said, there are flaws in the program. First, I think, is that there is not enough writing. And the lack of spoken work is a problem.


For what it's worth, we are planning to continue with the program next year. My son will be earning high school credit for some subjects, and we're still up in the air about whether Spanish will be one of them. I'm waiting to see how much he actually accomplishes and retains.


He will be doing The Learnables Level 2, plus working through one of the Barron's Fast and Fun books I have on the shelf. I took Spanish through high school and college. So, I'm planning to do more work with him orally, too.

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