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VP Online Academy? Anyone?

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Has anyone enrolled their children in the VP online academy? I am interested in enrolling for a few classes for my to-be-5th grader son next year. I was thinking of English, Latin and History. That way, he will be sure to cover these thoroughly and I won't be nervous that I'm missing something!


However, it's relatively new so I was wondering if you've had any experience with it? Any recommended teachers?


Do they have an online class with other students at the same time? Is it a webcast?


Is it heavy on the workload?


I don't think there's enough information on their website to be able to get a firm grasp on what they are offering.


If you can help, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

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They seem to be doing everything "right" in terms of the technology and process that they're following. I use Wimba at the college where I work part-time for online office hours, and it a very good technology for that type of thing. You do need to have a reliable high-speed internet connection and a recent computer on your end to make it work truly well.


One of my friends used them for Latin this last year for her logic-stage children, and she was happy and plans to do Latin and Omnibus next year. She said that the Latin was a very rigorous course, but she was pleased with it.

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Has anyone used for high school fulltime, if so what did schedule look like in ninth grade. Just trying to get a feel for it.


Not familiar w/logic, latin or omnibus, coming from K12.


DD really wants to attend in fall. So it looks like we are leaning in their direction.


Anyone have grads from there?

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Thanks for helping!

Can anyone tell me a little more about the literature?


Is it going to be what they use in the catalog?


I'm enrolling my son in English, History, Latin but not sure about Lit. I think the other 3 would be enough to keep him busy!


Will it benefit him with the Writing course if he takes the Lit course?


is this too much for a first-timer?

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The Literature program will follow the suggestions in the catalog. I do not think the Lit and Writing classes will be intergrated. All of the teachers follow the Scholars lesson plans and they are not intergrated in those. My son is signed up for all of the Grammar classes for 5th grade, but I decided to audit Lit. Reading is not his strong point so we alternate between Historical Literature for his History class and the regular Literature. I was afraid he could not keep up with the pace. With auditing we can choose what books he will read, but he still benifits from the teaching. We usually read the books we skipped in the summer. My thought is he will have heard the teaching so, even when he reads it later it will all come together. However, I am a bit concerned about him sitting through a hour and fifteen minute long class without the benefit of participating. Without me constantly reminding him to pay attention I am afraid she will loose him pretty quickly.


I feel like I have to make you aware that I am one of the History teachers and my husband is the administrator. So, I am pretty biased.:) But, I tried to answer you from a parent perspective.

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We have a dear friend whose 13 year old son is doing omnibus online right now. He loves it! One thing i did not know was that its a live class. I just thought it was all there, but you had to log on when you wanted to get the info. He's done great with it. I think the cost is around $500 a class.



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Thank you so much!

I enrolled my son in 3 classes and I'm excited about it! I just hope it's not too much for him!


He's using SHurley 4 right now, I guess I'll just back up and do Shurley 3 since they'll be using Shurley 4 for Grammar class?


Yes, I'm asking a lot of questions! Thanks for all the answers! :)

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I was looking at the literature classes for 9 and 10 year olds. They call is Literature 1A and 1B or IIA and IIB. What I don't see is how to tell which books they cover or detailed information on the course. Do you have any info on that?




If you click on the course which is highlighted in blue, it will give materials and teacher info.


It took me about two hrs. to try and figure everything out yesterday.

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