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Special needs???

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That is what I thought it would stand for, but my sister didn't think the kids she saw would have to be having that. I did tell her that they could have fine motor issues that wouldn't have been obvious just by walking into a classroom and watching for a few minutes. I was just checking to see if there was some type of diagnosis with the same acronym.

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My 5yo daughter would be one of those that you wouldn't know needed OT by looking at her or even talking with her. She seems very normal on first encounter (aside from some hyperactivity and excessive talking without eye contact).


She goes to OT once a week for fine motor skills and severe sensory issues. She has Asperger's. Fine motor/gross motor and sensory are very common OT needs for Asperger kids.

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OT can be for things as non-obvious as eye tracking. My son received OT because he would lose his place every time he looked from the board to a piece of paper. It took him forever to copy from the board. It was an eye tracking issue and they worked on it in OT. You would never know by looking at him or watching him in class that he needed OT. Fine motor skills like handwriting, sensory issues of all kinds. OT is a magical place where they work wonders!! :001_smile:



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