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A couple Writing Tales 2 questions, if I may? (a couple about CW too!)


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If I do WT2, will it cover everything in CW Aesop A and B?


Does WT2 get into any analysis of sentences-like having you move things around in the sentence to make it read differently, etc.? Or is it basic outlining and rewriting?


Does CW Aesop even get into much analysis, or is that only in Homer?

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or at least a little of it.


Hopefully, OhElizabeth(she's so wonderful with these questions) or someone else more experienced will add to this.

We are using WT2 and yes, there is outlining and rewriting of narrative stories. We are coming to the end, and now we are learning about paragraphing and sentence beginnings. WT2 covers 10 different ways to begin a sentence. They usually give the first style (subject first) and she changes that sentence with the other beginnings such as, subject+adjective, phrase telling when, verb ending in -ing, etc.



I don't know that it covers everything in Aesop A and B because I don't have it but I do know that WT2 leads perfectly into Homer.



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