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Johanna's "breakfast board" and my motivational system...


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First off, thanks to Johanna for inventing and sharing the "breakfast board." I finally decided to get my act together and put one together for the girls, so here's my version. The flash is obscuring our "weather frog." There are 2 velcro dots there to attach today's weather squares (in a bag taped to the back of the board). The purple pockets hold a couple of Latin flashcards and a couple of history review cards. I have a poem for memorization/review, a tens/ones bag, hundreds chart, coin bag, assorted shapes for Sylvia, a clock, calendar, map (for continent practice) and the yesterday/today/tomorrow strips. Oh, and a month/season spinner!




I have to say that the girls raced to get started this morning just because of this board, so I'm already impressed! :D


I figured I'd also take a couple of pics of my motivational system for Becca. Sylvia just gets stickers on her hand and she gets to pick a treasure whenever Becca does. Every day, after we've completed our school work, Becca gets a sticker on her handy little chart.




Once we've done a full week (five days), she turns the whole sheet in to me and gets to pick a treasure out of the treasure box (they were so excited to see it they couldn't stay out of the pic!).



I found the box at Dollar Tree, and I stock it with assorted little goodies from DT or the Target dollar section. There's puzzles, stickers, temporary tattoos, crayons, cups, lip gloss, jewelry, things like that in there. Becca was pointing out the Strawberry Shortcake lip gloss. She gets very excited about picking a treasure and likes to count how many more stickers she needs before her next prize.

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I think it's absolutely beautiful!!! My kids would love that treasure box reward system. I really like the green background on the board!!! Great job, you are motivating me to make mine prettier and more appealing.....maybe I'll just change it up a bit to add novelty and to get us through our winter slump.

See, look.....now you've inspired me!!!

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