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Pre-algebra suggestions


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I am trying to consider our path with dd for 7th grade math. We have been using R&S and this text has been working well for us. We have completed all of grades 3,4,5 and will complete 6 as well. We use the Singapore workbooks as supplement (she's working in 4A right now).


Here are some ideas for 7th which would be pre-algebra for us:


1.R&S 8 + continue with Singapore as a supplement


2.Singapore 5 and 6 with challenging word problems and intensive practice.


3.other textbooks?


I really don't want to use Saxon or Teaching Textbooks. I had considered Chalkdust since I had thought about using this for Algebra I and the rest of her math but .....it is very expensive!


sooo..... I was wondering if there is something I'm overlooking. Any ideas? She will probably need something with still plenty of arithmetic review and practice along with algebra topics.


Also, I keep wondering about geometry. Should I supplement this? I remember feeling very unprepared for geometry.


Thank you all!!

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I really liked Russian Math 6 after finishing Singapore 6B. I thought it was a nice bridge between Singapore primary series and NEM. It covers some topics already covered in singapore, but it covers them in a different way. It was very interesting and good for us to approach things from a different angle. RM also introduces new topics (like negative numbers) that are not introduced in the Singapore primary series. I don't know if it covers everything in a typical pre-algebra book, but I think it's worth doing anyway.

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There isn't a teacher's manual, but there is an answer key for the first four chapters here:




I don't have it in front of me so I can't remember if any of the answers are in the back as well.


It's not hard to teach - especially after being through Singapore. It has clear instructions. I would have really liked some more instruction on how to "explain" certain things. There are a lot of questions where the child has to put the math into her own words and tell you why something works the way it did - I think I had more issues with that than dd did.

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