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What do you use for Bible-obvious cc

Only me

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I'm not really sure what I'm looking for but I would like to study the Bible with my two youngest (10 and 13). I'm looking for a combination of light memory work, verse application, devotions and Bible stories. We haven't done a lot in this area so even though my oldest is in 8th grade I would like something more on the level of my 5th grader. Any suggestions?

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I agree that Christian Studies could be a great choice.

I like it very much.


Our child is younger (and English is a foreign language to us) so we work with Bible Truths (BJU). It's very easy going I think, but that's no problem to us (not all subjects have to be tough ;-) .) Bible Truths has less writing, and more creative excercises I tought, but I do only know the first years of it.


Esther (B)

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