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12 yr old ds/hormones/no interest in anything

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When hormones hit do you just back off for awhile?


They are really hitting my 12 year old ds HARD. The drama is unbelievable. He is this crying, unpredictable, often disrespectful, moody, hormonal mess who cannot concentrate on anything.


He is having his first 'crush' too, which is crushing ME! I've always discouraged girlfriend/boyfriend stuff very strongly. But here it is anyway. They are not speaking, she does not know he is alive, likes all the OLDER boys and he is heartbroken...even though they have not said 10 words to each other.


I never went through this with my oldest, who had never cared about school anyway.


THIS kid has always enjoyed school. Now he wants nothing to do with even history, his favorite subject. I can hardly get him to focus on math at all. He is only halfway through his 7th grade math book. I don't have the energy for fighting him AND his older brother about school (just had surgery Friday)


This all started about 3 weeks ago (the girl thing just 1 week ago) and is just getting worse and worse.

I don't know what to do with him.

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Rhonda - I have teen girls, my son is 10 and has not gotten to where your son is. Sorry to post w/o words of wisdom, but it sounds like some time off might help. A mental health day here and there might help. Growing up can be hard for some kids. My oldest is a DRAMA queen. My other teen is very calm. You can never tell...

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I find that these growing boys needs sleep and exercise! And a lot of love and encouragement from the home front but I wouldn't put up with disrespectful. Change your schedule around, do some fun things, get together with people that are positive in your lives. I don't know exactly but we've had to do a lot of rearranging around here. Mostly for dd but I have friends with ds that are having a hard time. Hang in there Mom!

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I find that these growing boys needs sleep and exercise!


This is exactly what I was thinking.


Every child is different, but for me football was a "socially acceptable" way to release the pent up aggressions, for someone else maybe running, or yoga. But some form of vigorous exercise if usually helpful in "balancing" young men.


That, and enough sleep.



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