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Sonlight and SOTW - can they work together?


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My daughter will be in 3rd grade next year and we are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia.


I want to continue with SOTW and Singapore Math - but am open to other options with the remaining subjects.


I've heard wonderful things about the Sonlight program but truthfully it seems rather confusing to me. I am hoping it will make more sense when I have the catalog and can see how things are put together.


Is is possible to combine SOTW w/ the Sonlight curriculum?


Does anyone here do that? Can you share your thoughts about how it works?





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Actually SL uses SOTW in their Core 6 program. (And in Core 7 too, I think.) Of course, that's a bit ahead for your dd.


For her age, I would select staying w/ SOTW or going w/ SL, but not trying to combine both. At your dd's age, if you went w/ SL, you'd most likely be using Hillyer's Child's History of the World as your spine.


Don't know if that helps explain things or not....


ETA: I've used SL's programs for history cores, but not Language Arts, so that's what I was basing my answer on....

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I like Sonlight titles but have never used their full curriculum. I tend to follow the 4-yr history rotation with WTM/SOTW/Biblioplan and plug in Sonlight titles that I like to round it out. I also tend to give Sonlight titles as gifts to the children (shhhhh, don't tell them they are schoolbooks; they think they are fun reading).

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