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Anyone know of a good Pre-Algebra workbook?


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Ds will be finishing CD Pre-algebra next month. I do not want to start CD Algebra(don't have the $$ right now). So what would you do until August?


I will be using this for the same reasons:



I own the student workbook & answer key. Dd will use this between TT 7 & CD Pre Alg.

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Our eldest ds (now 19) liked ABeka's Pre-Algebra largely due to the workbook. He destested writing out the problems.


It was also nice for me because the workbook itself had enough instructional information for each lesson that he could work fairly independently. The Curriculum (what they call the TM) wasn'tnecessary so I only needed the Solution Key. Since your finishing up CD Pre-Algebra this may suit him as well.


Sample here: https://www.abeka.com/ABekaOnline/SampleGallery.aspx

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Here's a free workbook with answers.



Here are a couple of other sites with free resources.





Hope this helps.



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