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Co-op Valentine's Day, festive ideas?

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We're not having a party, per se, but want there to be a presence of fun throughout the day. We plan to set up a valentine-making station, and have a great snack table.


Several of us (moms) are having a planning meeting tomorrow. I was hoping maybe a few of you had some great ideas/experiences to share.... anyone?


Thanks in advance!

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One thing that's popular at ours is to have brown lunch bags for the kids to decorate and write their names on. Then they tape them up to the wall for the rest of the day. When other kids make Valentines (or bring them from home), they drop them into their friends "mailboxes".


We've also had a clear container filled with Valentines m&ms and let people guess the number throughout the day. Closest estimate to the total wins the jar of m&ms.

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I have been musing on holidays in general lately, and here's my latest Big Idea:


Foster personal connection.


Take it one step further:


Foster personal connections rather than connections with stuff or processes.


As such, I think making stuff or eating stuff has a low return on the time and materials, whereas asking everyone to be extraordinarily kind all day has a high return. Perhaps there could be an activity wherein the kids list all the kindnesses that have been shown to them that day. Moms/teachers could coach some kids to show kindness to a kid who tends to get left out. Valentines fall into the realm of personal connection especially if they contain a personal, sincere message to the recipient. Another idea would be a Circle Time wherein everyone says something nice about the person in their right.

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Every year our group sings-dances-visits two rest homes. We bring home made Valentine's but leave the candy at home. We used to bring candy but then worried that we were starting someone into a diabetic problem. We go door to door visiting after we have our performance, for those who are room bound.


Afterward the rest home visit, we go to a park and our children bring valentines for their own age group and any extra for special friends/siblings in different age groups. We have a pot-luck and the Valentine exchange is a huge hit because some of the kids' boxes are remote controlled Lego alligators that open when a sensor is tripped. Other boxes are paper mache flowers or basketball courts with hoops to throw the cards in. It is a day when all the family joins.

Boy-thanks for the reminder- no one here has started their box yet.

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