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Does this need a copyright?

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And if so, how would you go about getting it? Our 24yos is sending a play he's written to our local theatre. They solicited via the local newspapers for scripts ... (I assume this means they're desperate??) Anyway, he's unsure whether he needs a copywrite and I sure don't have a clue. They said they would keep eveything in their 'library' (ie you won't get it back if they don't use it). They said to let them know something about "royalties", etc. Well, I know what royalties are and all. But that's about all I know. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Dh will be checking the board for me tomorrow, assuming it doesn't snow and he can get to work.

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Google the US Copyright Office and you will find all that you really never wanted to know but the main section is here:http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap4.pdf


Many moons ago when I was in publishing it was common knowledge that you could place the copyright symbol, date and name on the cover page and that protected you for "x" number of days till you filled official registration. I think it was a period of three months but the link above should have the specifics.


I WOULD do this if I were your son, just to be safe! Congrats to him for writing the play!



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Normally, copyrights are taken out by whomever publishes the item (the book/magazine/newspaper publisher.) In this case, I'd be careful about just putting something on there, and would check somewhere like Writer's Digest publications on this or something. I know that there are lots of myths on this. For example, people are often told to mail themselves a copy of a music score or a chapter of something they've written to protect themselves, but apparently these don't necessarily stand up in court.

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