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Does anyone use a 3-day schedule for SOTW 1?


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My youngest son (5 yo) uses Volume I three days a week. Currently, we read one section each day. He reads part of it and when he gets tired or starts to lose his place, my dh or I take over.


We aren't really heavy into narrations, per se, but we do ask him later that day and again the next day what he remembers.


Most would probably look at my son's age and think that's young for First grade work but he does a combination of kindergarten and first grade work. He can sound out words in 7th and 8th grade books but his comprehension level is only about a middle of the year first grader, if that makes sense to anyone. We used OPGTR to teach him to read. (Thank you, Jessie!!)


I hope this helps, dear. If you have a copy of TWTM, I would look in there as a 3-day schedule is outlined ever so neatly. If not, go get yourself a copy either from the bookstore or the library. I checked out my first copy from the library and then went out and bought it.


Happy Homeschooling,



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This isn't what you asked for, but I like the way we do it :O ) We do 1 chapter of SOTW One each week.


Monday: Read chapter and do questions and narrations from activity guide

Tuesday: Add something relevant from the chapter to our time line, do some of the extra reading suggestions from the activity guide RAs and IRs. We use the Ancients History Portfolio from Homeschool Journey (who's site is currently down it seems) as supplemental and so if there is anything corosponding with the week's chapeter we do it this day.

Wednesday: Do extra reading recommend by activity guide, some RA while doing coloring page as well as some of them IR. Do map work from activity guide. Add push pin to world map if it is a new area of study.

Thursday: Read corresponding history encyclopedia page and check out internet links. Watch a corresponding Brain Pop or DVD documentary

Friday: Do 1-3 activities from activity guide


Like I said, not what you wanted, but I really like our scheduale so I had to share!!

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We use HO with SOTW 1. I go through and write out about 4-5 weeks at a time, just going through HO and scheduling readings/narrations from SOTW and incorporating activities from HO and the AG.


It's never a "set" thing, but I'll copy a sampling for my next scheduled week so you can get an idea:


This is for History Odyssey Lesson 20, "Ancient Greece":


Monday: SOTW Ch. 19, pt. 2, narration, SOTW map work, coloring page from Life in Ancient Greece coloring book


Wednesday: SOTW Ch. 20, pt. 1, write name in Greek alphabet (this is suggested in the AG in lieu of a narration), start Greek vase, SOTW map work


Friday: Continue Greek vase, read Modern Rhymes/Ancient Times: Greece, pages 6, 9, 34, do Ancient Greece History Pockets label & words to know



This lesson is a little fragmented because HO has me using individual sections of three different SOTW chapters. But it usually works out to one section of SOTW plus a narration on M and F, with a coloring page or map work, and reading from UILE plus a project on W. We do our extra readings for history as read-alouds at night.


Hope that helps a little!

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